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The Temple of Garni is an Ionic temple in the Kotayk region, near the village of Garni.
Garni pagan temple was built in the second half of the 2nd century AD (77 AD). After the adoption of Christianity the temple became “summer residence” of Trdad G’s sister Khostrovdukht. This Hellenistic temple was destroyed during the earthquake of 1679. Near the temple bass-reliefed columns, wall stones, arks were found. That contributed to the restoration of the temple, which took place in 1969-75.
The temple was dedicated to the pagan god Mithra: god of light, truth, justice.
24 columns of the temple symbolize 24 hours of a day. To the East of the temple: nearly at the edge of the plateau, royal palace was located. Royal baths, located nearby, consist of four consecutive rooms in one line. Fresco of the dressing room is of great scientific and artistic value – example of monumental art of pre-Christian period. It illustrates different gods, mermaids, tritons: people with horse body and fish tails, fishermen, different fish and other.
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    A must see

    Garni temple is a must-see. The surrounding are as colorful as the temple rich in history. While there, be sure to buy traditional sweet bread, sweet lavash and all other tasties that are a part of the history and region. Don’t miss the canyon which is especially beautiful in late spring and early autumn. Make sure you are not fooled and changed for the entrance to the canyon

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