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Aya Maria Wellnss Spa Resort

№ 1 from 3 - Hotels - Dzoraghbyur village
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77 Azatutyun Str., Dzoraghbyur, Kotayk Province, Armenia
+374 60 289256 ; +374 95 255575

"Aya Maria" Wellness SPA Resort is a paradise of your mind, body and soul natural health. Located at the oxygen rich natural green area, the resort provides all the conditions for fasting and other detox therapies, weight loss programs, yoga, psychological trainings and other activities enhancing harmony of body and mind ensuring healthy lifestyle. Apart from the trainings and nutrition designed for person’s spiritual life, "Aya Maria" provides various SPA services including hydrotherapies, massages, mud wrappings, body scrub, sauna, and other body care methods. "Aya Maria" Wellness and SPA Resort of energy will help you to relax and revive through various detox procedures, SPA treatments, psychological and cultural programs.

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