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29 Sisakan Str., Sisian, Syunik Province, RA
+374 91 481606; +374 2832 6600; +374 2832 5600
"Lalaner" is a high-class hotel complex, which has commenced its functioning since early 2006. It is situated in the Southern Armenia, in town Sisian, Syunik Region.
Located at the central part of the itineraries Yerevan-Iran and Yerevan-Mountainous Kharabagh town Sisian considers an important and eligible town for tourists and visitors.
Being considered as one of the most prestigious hotels in Syunik Region, "Lalaner" offers not only hotel services, but also delivers a wide spectrum of tourist and business services.
The Hotel has a highly professional staff, modern working style, comfortably equipped rooms, a restaurant, saunas, parking, bar and open-air cafe. Located at the central square of town Sisian it is an eligible settlement not only for tourists and visitors, but also for businesspersons.
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