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Lastiver is located in the Tavush region. This place includes a cave, a desert, a lush river, large and small waterfalls, a forest and beautiful nature.
During Mongol invasions in XIII-XIV cc locals found their shelter exactly in this cave. The cave is located on almost flat slope of the canyon. In order to reach the cave people had to construct a ladder, made of superposed logs. The ladder reminded a raft. From then on the location has been called “Lastiver”, which is translated as “up the raft”.
There is wonderful waterfall, noising in the bottom of the canyon. It is the inseparable part of local nature.
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    Агабабян Ани

    побывав в этом месте чувствуешь успокоение, прилив сил. Дойти до этого места довольно трудно, но оно того стоит. Отличное место для медитации, красивый ландшафт, прекрасные места для фотосессии

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