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Karas white wine

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№ 2 from 60 - White wine
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Producer: “Tierras de Armenia” C.J.S.C.
Vintage: 2013
Origin: Armavir Region, Republic of Armenia
Harvest date: middle of September 2013. Hand harvested.
Blend information: Chardonnay, Kangun, Viognier.
Bottling date: July 2014
Climate: continental highlands climate with hot summers and cold dry winters.
Soil: stony heavy soil of volcanic origin.
Vinification: Hand harvested grapes are pressed. After a cool 24 hour decantation process, the juice is fermented for 20 days at 14-16ºC.
Serving suggestions: pairs well with fishes, seafood, pastas and fruit desserts.
Tasting notes: This blend has a yellow color nuanced with subtle tinges of green displaying multiple aromas of citrus, pineapple and peaches. This elegant wine’s unique tannin structure and delicate acidity provide a smooth, lengthy finish.
Aging potential: ready for immediate enjoyment.
Best before: 2017 (three years after bottling)
Ideal serving: 7 to 12 °C.
Wine analysis:
Alcohol: 14.2%.
Residual sugar: 2 g/l.
Producer’s comment: Great blend of local and international varieties. The potential of the soil is expressed by the acidity of the grapes.
Chief winemaker: Gabriel Rogel (Argentina

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    Гармоничное вино

    Гармоничное вино с фруктовыми ароматами, приятной кислинкой и длительным послевкусием. Одно из лучших сухих белых вин, производимых в Армении.

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