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The Temple of Odzun was built in the 4th-7th centuries in the village of Odzun, Lori Province, on a high hill.
The temple represents a domed basilica with a rectangular plan stretching from west to east; inside it is divided into 3 halls by 3 pairs of pillars; the central hall is wider and ends in the main semicircle altar, and from them the entrances to depositors are opened. The dome that is placed nearly in the middle of the porch dominates in the whole setup of the church.
There is a tomb solemnly situated in the north-eastern side of the temple which is one of the best examples of the early medieval Armenian memorial architecture and sculpture. There between 3 arched struts placed on a high pedestal stand two quadrilateral monuments of 5 meters height wholly decorated with highly artistic bas-reliefs of religious scenes with rich geometric and floral ornaments. One of them is very interesting; it portrays a man with a pig’s head holding in hand a cane crowned with a cross in the end. It is assumed that this image is related to the tradition connected with Armenian king Tiridates III according to which he has been transformed to a pig. The images of apostles and Mary with the child can also be seen on the bas-relief.
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