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APAGA Resort

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1-38 Yenokavan village, Tavush Province, Armenia
+374 60 650651, +374 77 004413
Apaga Resort is an eco-hotel in the mountains of Armenia, on the border of the Dilijan National Park. The hotel is located on a large glade surrounded by forests, with a beautiful view of the mountains and the gorge of the Khachahpyur River. This place is perfect for reloading, comfortable rest away from cities, unity with nature.
The hotel has its own dairy farm, a wood-burning stove, where bread is baked daily, a huge cornel garden (3,500 trees) and a garden. The restaurant prepares traditional Armenian cuisine.
Spice of APAGA Resort is a free walking Labrador and Saint Bernard, cat and geese and, of course, a stable with 40 horses, where you can walk daily in the picturesque surroundings of the hotel.
In 2015, near to the hotel opened the Adventure Park Yell Extreme Park. Opportunities for active recreation have become almost endless: flights to the Zip-Line through the gorge, jumping, rope park, giant swings, pentboll, archery, rock climbing and lots of other entertainment.
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    Nelly Khachatryan Review liked: 1

    Great place for eco tourism

    It’s fun to be there! There are different fun activities around! Make sure to book the place beforehand especially in summer

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    Gor Hakobyan Review liked: 3

    Комплекс расположен в живописной местности в горах Тавушского марза. Помимо стандартных гостиничных услуг есть конные и пешые походы, а еще рядом находятся Yell Extreme Park и Lastiver, в общем есть все, что нужно для активного отдыха!

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