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35 Acharyan Str., Yerevan, Armenia
+374 10 620 999
Working hours: 12:00-22:00

Cityzen is a city of professions, where there is everything a regular city has – streets, buildings, squares, as well as other urban infrastructures, including a hospital, beauty salon and fire station.In Cityzen children decide on their own, which center to go to, what profession to choose, how to earn or spend money.
Like other cities, Cityzen also has its own economics - job market, currency called ZDram and banking system. While exploring new professions, children also get their first lessons of financial literacy.Cityzen is a safe and secure environment, where every child will be involved in games and interactions.
All the employees of the center take courses of proper communication and behavior with children.The city has its own rules and regulations that are applicable to all the visitors.
The city is accessible for people with disabilities. There are ramps, specially accommodated parking lots, an elevator and restrooms.
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    Քարթինգը իսկապես շաաատ հավանեցի, լավ կլիներ ուղիղ տարածքը մի փոքր ավելի երկար լիներ արագությունը զգալու համար, բայց և այնպես շատ լավն էր։ Խորհուրդ կտամ այցելել։

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    Nelly Khachatryan

    The dream world of all kids

    I wishe I were little girl to visit Cityzen and enjoy it as much as my kids and their friend do there!!! They’re never tired to revisit the place specially and carefully created for them. They have thought of everything and everyone - to give the kids fun coupled with the sense of independence and parents - a cosy corner cafe with very delicious food where I finally have time to enjoy a book without interruption! My very best regards to every single member of a great team!!!

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