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Monastery Marmashen is located in the Vahramaberd village of Shirak Province, on the left bank of the Akhuryan River. The complex was a prominent religious and cultural center of medieval Armenia.
The monastery Marmashen consists of three structures: the main – Katoghike and two small churches. According to the cuneiforms, the main church was built by patriot duke Vahram Pahlavuni in 988-1029.The church is central-domed; it is based on the decorated columns. There are lots of inscriptions on the walls; sun watches are depicted on the Southern wall. Vahram Pahlavuni’s crypt with a grave inscription is located in the parish.
Another, also central-domed church of the 11th century is situated on the Southern part of Marmashen; today it is in dilapidated state. In the Northern part of the main church, in half-kilometer distance, nonfunctioning church of the 7th century is located.
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