State Archaeological Museum of Kashatagh -

State Archaeological Museum of Kashatagh

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19 Mir Str., Kashatagh, Nagorno Karabakh Republic
+374 47 5 22 59
Thе Мuseum differs by the magnificent collection of artifacts, discovered in the course of archaeological digs on the territory of Kashatagh region of NKR, conducted after 1995. The great number of material goods illustrates the history of the development of culture in this extremely interesting corner of Artsakh, in the valleys of the rivers Araks and Ackari. It's particularly worth to separate the materials, found in the course of excavations of the settlement Keren, where the items of material culture of 9-5 cc AD were discovered. Along with the ceramics so usual for Artsakh, the museum demonstrates also found here anthropomorphous vessels of the striking beauty and grace, indicative of the high level of the population culture.
The unique female adornments of semiprecious stones from the barrow interments of the same period are the spice of this museum.
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