Berdkunk (White Fortress) -

Berdkunk (White Fortress)

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The ruins of Berdkunk are located on the eastern shore of Lake Sevan. The fortress, which is best known as the White Castle, was built in the II or I millennium BC. The citadel occupies a small peninsula and is fenced off from the rest of the land by a fortification wall. On the water's side it is protected by inaccessible rocks, among which there is a small but comfortable bay.
Almost nothing remained in the fortress from the buildings. But there are ways that lead to the ground. One move extends beyond the fortress by land, and the other goes under the water.
At the fortress bay there are stone anchors. And at the walls of Berdkunk you can see a lot of fragments of ceramics and bones of domestic animals. All findings are covered with a thick layer of calcium, which indicates their venerable age. Their large number speaks about the activity of the ancient inhabitants and the important role of this settlement in trade.
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