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AKHCHKA BERD (The Girl's Fortress)

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The Girl’s Fortress is one of the most remarkable forthresses in Armenia. During the middle ages the fortress, as the whole region was called Kayen. The fortress is located in Tavush Region, near Aghstev River, on the top of a mountain covered with forest.
The Girl’s/Kayen fortress was situated in a quite unapproachable place and was the residence of the lords. The rocks are bounding the pyramidal walls of the fortress from every side, which used to have a function of defense. There are ruined apartments, reservoirs, churches and a bathroom inside the fortress. All the constructions and external walls are built by basalt and calx. This fortress has a great historical and archeological value, because its integrity is well preserved.
There are several legends about the name of the fortress.

They say, that LenkTemur learnt, that there were a beautiful girl living in the fortress. He sent his soldiers to bring the girl to him. Three of his soldiers kidnapped the girl. A shepherd saw that and followed them. At night, when the soldiers fell asleep, the shepherd killed them and took the girl back. LenkTemur attacked the fortress with an anger, but Armenians living in the fortress, didn’t give up, until LenkTemurm,because of the betrayal of an old lady from the fortress, took the channel of the water coming to the fortress. The girl was feeling very guilty and throw herself from the fortress to the river. That is why it is called The Girl’s Fortress.
There is another legend about the ruins of the bathroom in the fortress. They say, that there were a beautiful girl, who had her own army. Many knights and lords wanted to marry her, she refused everyone. When they didn’t manage to persuade her, tried to take her by force. The girl gathered her army and built a fortress and moved there. That stubborn step made Lord Mantash to act more active. He built Mantash’es Fortress just in front of the girl’s fortress and attacked from time to time. But the girl always won. Once the girl sent her army to attack Mantash’es Fortress and again won. After that Mantash asked for a peace. They made agreement, according to which eeach of them stays in his own fortress and as a symbol of friendship they built a bathroom on the bank of Aghstev River.
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