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On the spot of junction of the Tartar and Trkhi rivers, on the left bank of the Tartar, granite rock stands out, on which one of the most famous fortresses of Artsakh is situated, the fortress of Jraberd (from Armeian "jur" – water, "berd" – fortress), the name arouse because from three sides it is surrounded with water. The great Armenian writer-historian Raffi, comparing Jraberd with rebel temper and unbending will of Artsakhians, wrote: "A wedge-shaped rock rises high from the monstrous depth. You look and get admired how majestic is the nature, that has created this miracle!".
The fortress first was mentioned in the years of 620 AD. As it was noted the fortress was surrounded by water and steep rocks on three sides and only on the fourth one it was defended by the wall, in which is the only entrance. The territory of the fortress is rather vast. In the rocks there are carved secret stairs going downstairs to the river. Jraberd is one of the well preserved fortresses of Artsakh and is of great interest not only for historians, but also for the lovers of keen senses and extreme tourism.
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