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Bjni Fortress

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Bjni fortress is located in the village of Bjni in the Kotayk province, on the right bank of the Hrazdan River. The exact date of creation is unknown. It is mentioned in the early Middle Ages. The princes of Pahlavuni rebuilt the ancient castle in the 10th century and turned it into a powerful fortress of medieval Armenia.
The fortress of Bjni was divided into two parts: Big and Small. These two parts are separated from each other by a chain. In the territory of the castle there are ruins and traces of many buildings.
There was a legend, according which the monastery and Bjni fortress were connected with secret subterranean road broad enough so those besieged in the fortress were delivered food and drink. A fragment of subterranean passage was found during the excavations but the experts still doubt whether this road was existed. They are inclined to think it`s just a nice legend composed to glorify courageous defenders of the Bjni fortress.
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