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Tanahat Monastery is an early medieval church complex South-East of Vernashen village of Vayots Dzor province. Historians mention about it from the 8th century. The complex was also called "Red Monastery", because it was built of red stone. The monastery is located on the place of a pagan temple, dedicated to Anahit, the Armenian goddess of maternity. In the 5th century a Christian temple was established here.
St. Stepanos, the main church of the complex, was built in 1273-1279 under the auspices of Proshyan dukes. Inside the construction is of cross-domed type, with two vestries on four corners; outside it is rectangular. Proshyan dynasty banner is illustrated on the Southern wall; an eagle with a ram in its claws.
Some scientists consider that Gladzor Monastery operated in the composition of this monastery. The university was the most prominent medieval educational establishment in Armenia, founded in 1282.
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