Vishapakar in Byurakan village -

Vishapakar in Byurakan village

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The Vishapakar is located in Aragatsotn province in the village of Byurakan.

Vishapakar, also known as "dragon stones" or simply as vishapas, are zoomorphic monuments found in the highlands of Armenia, near natural and artificial water bodies and other sources of water.
In ancient times (approximately II-I millennium BC) the vishapakars were placed at the sources of rivers, on the shores of lakes and generally near the water. They are carved from a single piece of stone up to five meters high and usually have the shape of a fish. On many of them there are images of a bull or an rams, and sometimes snakes or birds. According to one of the main versions, the vishapakars were intended for the sculpture of a mythical dragon that overlapped the water source, and on the other - they personified the idols of agriculture and water supply.
To date, about 150 vishaps have been preserved, some of which are in the Geghama mountains, on the north-eastern shore of the Sevan, the slopes of Aragats, and also in the regions of Javakhk, Nakhichevan, Kars and Erzrum.
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