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Ararat is the highest peak in the territory of Armenian Highlands (5165 m). It consists of two cone-shaped peaks:  Sis (5925 m) and Masis (5165m). The mount is situated on the right bank of the river Araks, 32 km of the Republic of Armenia. By the relative altitude Ararat is the highest mount in the world (4300 m). Ararat is in Western Armenia, in the territory of today's Turkey. 

Ararat is the biblical holy mount, on which Noah's ark landed after the World Flood. According to the legend only 8 people were saved: Noah, his wife, his sons, and his son's wives. The history of Noah and his family's salvation is described in the Bible (Genesis 7, 8). From Ararat Noah went to South-West. That is why the location is called Nakhichevan «the first shelter».

In 1829 Johann Fredrik Parrot was the first to reach the top of Ararat. He was accompanied by Armenian writer Khachatur Abovyan, two villagers: Hovhannes Ayvazyan, Murad Poghosyan and two Russian soldiers: Aleksey Zdorovenko, Matvey Chelpakov. They carried physical and bioclimatic observations on the spot. 

In June of 1845 academician Abikh, having observed the territory and found the shortest way to the top of the mount, successfully did his mission by his own. 

Due to its beauty, inaccessibility and rich natural resources Ararat was considered magical in the past.  This mount, worthy of honor, found its place in Armenian mythology. According to the old Armenian religion Ararat was the home of brave gods.

Even today, Ararat continues to delight people from all over the world. Ararat is  our holy mount, which is still one the symbols of Armenia. 

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