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In the central park of the city of Goris is a monument dedicated to the fallen in the Great Patriotic War. It is erected by pure hewn stones of basalt. On the front side of the monument, on the right and left open one arched aperture, in the center - the same in size arch niche. In the niche, at different heights, three fountains are placed. On both sides of the central niche - smaller in size, decorated with columns two niches in which are placed one more fountain. Similar two niches decorated with columns and one arched aperture with a fountain are also on the ends of the memorial spring. Only 7 fountains. That's why the inhabitants of Goris called the monument "Yotnaghbyur" (7 springs).

Inscriptions in Armenian and Russian languages are inscribed on the ends of the monument: "It was erected during the Great Patriotic War, 1943-1945", and on the facade: "In memory of the heroes who died in the Great Patriotic War". On the reverse side of the monument, a quatrain from the song of Ashot gusan dedicated to the spring monument is carved on the granite slab.



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