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Karas Muscat

№ 6 from 60 - White wine
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Producer: “Tierras de Armenia” C.J.S.C.
Vintage: 2013
Origin: Armavir Region, Republic of Armenia
Harvest date: Beginning of September 2013. Hand harvested.
Bottling date: August 2014
Climate: Continental highlands climate with hot summers and cold dry winters.
Soil: stony, heavy soil of volcanic origin.
Vinification: Hand harvested grapes are pressed. After a cool 24 hour decantation process, the juice is fermented at 14-16ºC for 20 days.
Serving suggestions: pairs well with appetizers, seafood and fruit desserts.
Tasting notes: The wine has an intense yellow color displaying sweet aromas typical to Muscat variety such as pineapple and mango with some notes of minerals. The elegant acidity is delicately combined with fruit aromas.
Aging potential: ready for immediate enjoyment.
Best before: 2016 (two years after bottling)
Ideal serving: 7 to 12 °C.
Wine analysis:
Alcohol: 14.2%.
Residual sugar: 2 g/l.
Producer’s comment: Fresh and elegant wine. The mineral soil gives an important acidity and feels good flavors in the aftertaste.
Chief winemaker: Gabriel Rogel (Argentina)
Consulting winemaker: Michel Rolland (France)

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