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Komitas str., Yerevan, Armenia.
+374 93 48 80 85, +374 91 41 58 31

SunGoods LLC was established in 2014 by Ashot Aslikyan, a farmer with more than 10 years of experience in agriculture activities such as crop cultivation, dried fruit production. The company is specialized in production of the following dried fruits and vegetables: black plum, peach, apricot, rose-hip, pear, apples, cherries, tomatoes, melon. In 2016 the company received organic certification and started production of organic dried fruits. SunGoods production is consumed not only in Armenia; the company is exporting also to France, Russian Federation (www.raw-eating.ru) and Georgia; and is currently searching new partnership opportunities mainly in European market and also Russia, Moldova and Ukraine.

SunGoods LLC is known as a producer of natural and premium quality dried fruits. The raw materials are selected very strictly, taking into account their quality, allowed quantity of pesticides and other features. The fruits are washed thoroughly, cut and dried in fruit dryers. The ready products are filled in containers and kept in refrigerators under required temperature conditions.

Since 2016 the Company has been working with Organic Agriculture Support Initiative (OASI) for organizing organic production. Today the Company has organic certification and offers organic production to its customers.

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    Eva Hakobyan Review liked: 1

    Very tasty dried apricots

    Used for my cheese plate. Apricots taste really fantastic15726169580126_a33ecbaa0f54fe590307d3a414b93d01.jpg

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    Lilit Gevorgyan

    Tasty and natural dried apricots!

    The dried apricots are my favorite ones, they taste sweet, tasty and there are not any preservatives and chemicals indeed!!! Healthy and tasty snack!15726165574809_626e6f560356cf76ae9d8d4024978888.jpg

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