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"Armenia" semi-sweet sparkling wine

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Producer: "Armenia Wine" Factory
ORIGIN: Armavir Region
GRAPE: Kangun
HARVEST DATE: End August, beginning September
CLIMATE: Continental climate. Vineyards are situated at an altitude of 1.000 meters above sea level.
VITICULTURAL FACTS: Average of 7 tons / hectare of grapes production.
WINEMAKING: Grapes are hand harvested, destemmed and crushed, then gently pressed in an inert atmosphere. The grape juice is fermented in stainless steel tanks. The second fermentation is conducted in pressure tanks (autoclaves) during 45 days. Ready sparkling wine is bottled in pressure resistant bottles and corked.
TASTING NOTES: this sparkling wine has a greenish hue color and thin bubbles. It is well balanced with citrus freshness and sweet notes of pear and nuts.
EXAMPLES OF SIDE DISHES: Chicken with Creole, Trout with almonds, Salmon Steak
IDEAL TEMPERATURE: Serve between 5°C to 8°C
BEST TIME TO CONSUMEE: Perfect from now
WINEMAKER: Laurent Dubreuil
CONSULTING WINEMAKER: Paolo Peira, Jean-Baptiste Soula

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