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Welcome to Ashtarak Garden!

We are pleased to announce that in the heart of Ashtarak town of Aragatsotn Marz, "Ashtarak Garden" hotel-resort has been opened, which is an ideal place for tourism, family and friendly, corporate events. We are pleased to present our offers to suit all ages, tastes, and interests.We are welcomed at the crossroads of Armenian national cuisine, arts and crafts, enjoying the immaculate fragrance of towering eco-friendly fruit trees, the power of wine and vodka, the delicate Ishkhan fish growing in the cold waters of the Kasakh River, the famous Armenian barbecue with tollama in Tolma, all traditional Armenian dishes You can see, buy and create unique souvenirs of art and crafts in our own hands, get acquainted with the old Armenian lifestyle by grinding wheat, beating, wool, listening to beloved Armenian, national, ashugh , songwriting and live instrumentals, as well as other nations' favorite songs and music. You will also find interesting surprises from the world of gastronomy, crafts and art.

In the area we have:

  • Astrakah with frescoes depicting nature, for buffet, corporate events, disco.
  • Overnight with separate bathroom-bath
  • There is also a heated cellar by the sea, furnished with ancient Armenian household items and artifacts.
  • Beautiful garden with waterfall, barbecue fireplace, tonir
  • Fruit garden which our guests can enjoy freely.
  • Spacious swimming pool with wardrobe, bathroom, bathroom
  • Tennis table, backgammon, lotto, chess
  • Children's playground with 3 carousels and 2 bicycles, balls and entertaining games

Our suggestions:

  • Traditional Armenian dishes
  • Overnight / B & B / B&B + Dinner
  • Master classes
  • Exhibition Sale
  • Live Concert / Singers / Vocal Instruments
  • Daily rented space
  • Photoshoot

The biggest advantage of the Ashtarak Garden guesthouse is the warm, family, immediate and heartfelt hospitality of the hosts. As in any traditional Armenian hearth, there is no picnic here without spontaneous song and music. The hostess will play with great love for the guests, thus making the environment more intimate.

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