VODKA «Avshar Apricot» -

VODKA «Avshar Apricot»

№ 4 from 42 - Fruit vodka
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Producer: Avshar Wine Factory

"Avshar Apricot" is made from ripe apricot fruit.
Ripe juicy apricot with delicate, velvety skin - is something special. Armenia is the homeland of the apricot.
Apricot took the first place with its useful properties – there are joined almost all known vitamins, mineral salts and microelements, sucrose, malic acid, citric acid, tartaric acid, pectin, starch, tannins.
'Avshar Apricot' vodka preparation process is labor intensive. First of all, the fruit must be the highest quality and perfectly ripe. They are picked by hand, sorted, separated the flesh from the kernel, then pressed out and put into vats for fermentation. The fermentation process lasts a few weeks and at the end the fermented juice is distilled. It's used double distillation.
The spirit is blended with purified and softened water to obtain 50% vodka. Then the blend drink is treated on a membrane filter and filled in enameled tanks for a few months for the 'rest.'
The result there is a strong natural apricot vodka.
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