Vodka «Avshar Cornel» -

Vodka «Avshar Cornel»

№ 4 from 42 - Fruit vodka
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Producer: Avshar Wine Factory

Alcoholic drinks from fruits and berries are made in many countries. They are usually transparent and dry, often quite strong.
This drink is made from extremely delicious, wild, petty, but very fragrant cornus. Cornelian cherry berries are sent for recycling after the assembly for separating the flesh from the kernel. Then, cornelian cherry juice is fermented in enamel tanks.The fermented material is distilled twice (a traditional double distillation) in copper pot stills with 60% vol., which allows to save maximum flavors. Cornel spirit blended with treated and softened water up to 45% vol. After blending the finished drink is 'resting' for 2-3 months. During the time it settles down and becomes softer.
'Avshar Cornel' is proposed in original bottles of 0.5 liters. The design of the label is clear and calm to emphasize the premium category of the drink.
It has the most exceptional flavor and aroma - it feels like eating fresh fruit, but the bouquet is flying, like an expensive fragrance. The drink is absolutely transparent.
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