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HyeLandz Eco Village Resort

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HyeLandz Eco Village Resort is for everyone who loves nature and animals. It is situated in the small village of Geghadir. The famous Garni Temple, Geghard Monastery, Garni Gorge, Azat River, Khosrov Forest State Reserve, Havuts Tar Monastery and Charents' Arch are within close proximity of the village.
HyeLandz Eco Village Resort offers all the comforts for adults and children to enjoy their stay with fully equipped rooms and recreational facilities, a state of the art conference room catering for groups of more than 50 participants, a bar, a large newly built events hall and splendid gardens with fruit trees, vegetables and greens. At the resort you can see a great variety of domestic animals such as ducks, geese, chickens, goats, birds, dogs, cats, donkeys, horses etc.

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