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Haykanoush Restaurant

№ 15 from 28 - Restaurants - Dilijan
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Sharambeyan Str., Dilijan, Tavush Province, RA
+374 60 501010 ; +374 93 947888
Haykanoush Restaurant is situated on historic Sharambeyan Street and is part of the Tufenkian Old Dilijan Complex. The Restaurant has two floors and can accommodate up to 85 guests. The Restaurant's dining room looks out on Dilijan's lush, natural beauty.
Guests will enjoy many traditional dishes like mushroom and apricot soup or pomegranate stew, made from Armenia's two signature fruits. Traditional Armenian pilafs are served alongside dishes that showcase a variety of Armenian cheeses. Visitors should also be sure to stop by the restaurant’s bakery for exceptional breads and pastries. One of the many must try delights from the bakery is Boureg, a flakey pastry filed with spinach or spiced meats.
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