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№ 614 from 863 - Restaurants - Yerevan
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21 Marshal Baghramyan Ave., Yerevan, RA
+374 10 536766; +374 11 536766; +374 55 966866 ;

Working hours: 08:00-00:00

The first Achajour Café opened in 2009 at Lover’s Park Yerevan. The Mineral Waterfall and the Mineral Dry River located on the east side of Achajour Café prompted the name Achajour for the Café.
Achajour’s principles are to serve exceptionally fresh, home-made and natural food.Years later it was decided to open Achajour Café also outside the park. This is how another cozy corner was originated next to the Opera(Freedom) Square on Parpetsi street by the end of 2013. The main kitchen now is located at Achajour Parpetsi and the whole management of the cafes is being run here as well.

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