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Review Requirements

   Review should be:
1. Creative, that is, the user =should write a personal review without involving third
2. Subjective, that is, the user must write the review solely on the basis of his/her
personal experience in using the product;
3. Trustworthy, that is, it should not knowingly submit false information about the
4. Opinion based,, that is, a review should contain the user's opinion about the
properties of the product, and the review should not contain information damaging
the dignity and reputation of third parties (including legal persons), should not violate
the legislation of the Republic of Armenia and moral norms;
5. Unique, that is, the user does not have the right to post on the site a review that
repeats or is based on a previously published review of the user;
6. Photos in the review must be in jpeg formats. The photos in the review must be
unique, of good quality,, clear and relevant to the review. It is forbidden to use
images from the Internet;
7. Each user may only leave one review on the same service or product in a day.