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As the administrator of HELPME.AM website, “HELP ME” LLC authorizes people to use the services of this website in compliance with the rules below. Access to any service of this website will constitute an unconditional acceptance of the terms and conditions of the User Agreement.

The terms and concepts used in this website are as follows:

1.1 Website – An informative resource in the information network called “The Internet” at  “” domain address, which includes the websites, software and databases  as well as  related software applications, database within the administrator’s control located in current subdomain addresses and those added later available outside this network, but supporting  or facilitating the day-to-day operation of the website.

 1.2 Administration – “HELP ME” LLC, which manages the resources located at “HELPME.AM” domain address.

1.3 User – any individual, who  has accessed any services for at least once

1.4 Author – A User who is registered on the website, posted any opinion or suggestion  there. By posting his/her opinion or suggestion, an author gives his/her unconditional consent that all the rights to any kind of material posted by himself/herself, without any restrictions, will pass on to the administrator upon their publications. The administrator reserves the right to use them in any manner and form at its own discretion.

1.5 Opinion – information material created or posted on the website by the author, which stems from or is based on his/her own experience as a result of purchase of the goods and using the services.

1.6 User Agreement – this Agreement which is deemed signed between the User and the Administration by any user, after accessing of any services for at least once.

1.7 Registration  - Information which enables the User to identify himself/herself, on the basis of which the User’s registration account is created.

1.8 Registration account – The integrity of the User’s registration data enabling user identification maintained in the database of the website, which is not subject to disclosure to any third party except as otherwise provided by the law.

1.9 Login – A unique username of the registration account which is created by the User. The User’s electronic mail may be used as a login.

1.10 Password – A combination of characters chosen and used by the User to access the website.

2. Key provisions

2.1 The Administration suggests that the User uses the website features in compliance with the rules contained in this Agreement.
2.2 The User Agreement shall be deemed to have been concluded and effective for an unlimited period of time once the User starts enjoying the services.
2.3 The User Agreement may be amended by the Administration for upgrading the conditions of its use. .
2.4 The applicable version of the User Agreement shall always be accessible for the Users.
2.5 The new, amended version of the User Agreement shall be effective upon immediate publication thereof օn the website. Prior to the publication of the new, amended version, an appropriate notice shall be posted օn the website.
2.6 The User shall be deemed to have been fully informed and to have accepted the rules of the User Agreement by accessing any of the services.
2.7 The User Agreement shall be completely accepted and applied without any exception.
2.8 Any user disagreeing with any of the rules of the User Agreement shall be deprived of the right to use the website and should the latter continue using the website thereafter , it shall be regarded as acceptance of all the terms of the User Agreement.
2.9 The User Agreement is in conformity with the applicable Legislation of the Republic of Armenia.

User’s registration

3.1 The User undertakes to register so as to fully enjoy the services of the website.
3.2 To register, the User undertakes to 3.2.1 provide accurate registration data and constantly keep them updated;
3.3 The user is prohibited to
3.3.1 provide inaccurate registration data;
3.3.2 register /create/ a registration account for or instead of other persons without authorization or written consent from the given person.
3.3.3 register more than one registration account.
3.4 Should the Administration suspect violation of the applicable Legislation of the Republic of Armenia and these Rules, it shall reserve the right to reject any registration, remove any registered account without further explanation and notice.
3.5 The User shall independently create his/her login name and password. The Administration shall not impose restrictions on the login name and password.
3.6 The User shall personally be held responsible for  keeping  the confidentiality of the login name and password. In addition, the User shall not provide the login name and password to any third party.
3.7 Should the User suspect that his/her login name and password are used by third parties, he/she shall promptly notify  the website administration.
3.8 All the activities on the website by the holder of the login name and password of any user registered on the website shall be deemed to have been carried outby the same user, unless proved otherwise, except for the cases when the User has already notified the Administration or the authorized body of the Republic of Armenia that his/her login name and passwords are being used by another person.

User’s duties

4.1 Adhering to the legislation of the Republic of Armenia and the rules under this Agreement;
4.2 Providing accurate, complete and sufficient information required during the registration and keeping it updated.
4.3 Notifying  the Administration of the use of his/her login name and password by third parties, as well as notifying the Administration of any case of breach of these Rules by other parties.
4.4 Refraining from publishing such information which may:
4.4.1 discredit the honor, dignity and business reputation of any individual or legal entity;
4.4.2 contain calls to violence, any human discrimination on the basis of race, nationality, religion, ethnicity sex, and social affiliation;
4.4.3 violate the intellectual property rights of third parties;
4.4.4 violate the RA Legislation and international norms in any manner.
4.5 Refraining from posting any links which contain the prohibitions reflected in Paragraph 4.4 of this Agreement.

4.6 Promptly notifying the Administration of any information found on the website stated in Paragraph 4.4 of this Agreement.

5. Intellectual property right

5.1 The User is prohibited to publish information in any manner which will infringe on third parties’ intellectual property right.
5.2 The User allows the Administration at its discretion to use any material in any manner published on the website by himself/herself on the ground of assignment of rights, during the operation of the website.
5.3 The Administration reserves the right to block, transfer and remove any kind of material without further warning, regardless of  the fact of whether it is the intellectual property of somebody else or not.
5.3.1 Any information, records, opinions published on the website which, in the opinion of the Administration, violate RA Legislation or the paragraph or paragraphs of this Agreement.
5.3.2 The messages, information, opinions and other records published by the Users which constitute illegitimate use of the intellectual property.
5.3.3 The User’s registration account, whose actions were viewed as  breach of the intellectual property right of any person.
5.4 The Administration permits the Users to refer to the materials of the website requiring to cite the source of the material .
5.5 Any interference, modification in the regular operation of the website and the codes shall be deemed hacking, and the Administration reserves the right to apply to the law-enforcement agencies with an appropriate report by providing the data of the particular user.

6. Limitation of responsibility

6.1 The User shall use the website on his/her own responsibility. The whole functionality is provided on “as is” basis, without explicit or implicit guarantees.
6.2 The author warrants that the opinions, information and other materials published by him/her shall be the result of his/her intellectual activity and do not contain the intellectual property of other third parties, as well as proceed from the User’s personal experience.
6.3 The Administration does not warrant the uninterrupted and continuous operation of the website, as well as does not guarantee  full protection of the User’s personal information from hacker attacks, but it guarantees that, within reasonable limits, it will take appropriate measures to protect the User from such attacks.
6.4 The Administration does not warrant the accuracy, authenticity of the information posted on the website, as well as the authenticity and accuracy of the information posted in other resources, the links of which are available on the website.
6.5 The Administration will by no means bear  responsibility for the information posted on the website and the damages incurred due to the information available in the links of other resources.
6.6 The Administration does not assume any responsibility for any direct, indirect and incidental damage caused to the User and a third party, including the foregone gain, which is related to the operation of the website.
6.7 The Administration shall take all the possible measures to protect the rights of the User and third parties, the information on them, as well as hold them harmless against material and non-material damages, but it cannot be a guarantee for avoiding of such occurrences.
6.8 At request of both the rightholder and on its own initiative the Administration shall promptly remove any material which leads to the violation of the rightholder’s rights.
6.9 The Administration reserves the right at any time, at its discretion, to block any user, refuse to publish any information or delete any information at its discretion, without further explanation.

7. Other conditions

7.1 The User shall reserve the right to:
7.1.1 use the website in compliance with the rules of this Agreement;
7.1.2 post opinions, information and other material in the areas appropriate for the pages of the website, which do not contradict RA Laws and the requirements of this Agreement, as well as international norms.
7.2 The User is prohibited to:
7.2.1 Use any materials posted on the website, on other websites, in the media and in any other news sources without a link to the site as a source;
7.2.2 Disrupt the normal operation of the website;
7.2.3 Create mass correspondence to other users of the website;
7.2.4 publish such information on the website, which fails to comply with the terms of this Agreement, including offensive words, calls for violence, adult material (18+) that contain pornographic or erotic information, political and religious information;
7.2.5 publish already known, less informative information, such as official information about goods and services;
7.2.6 use the website and materials published on the website, in violation of established objectives;
7.2.7 collect, process and apply the personal data of others in violation of the law.

8. Personal data

8.1 The User agrees with processing of provided information by the the Administration.
8.2 The User agrees with processing of  personal data by the Administration for the following purposes:
8.2.1 for providing personalized advertisements to the User;
8.2.2 for comprehensive information about the users’ opinions;
8.2.3 for ensuring the link between the User and the rightholder in disputable cases, on the terms stipulated by the law;
8.3 The User’s personal data shall be processed in compliance with the RA Legislation for the fulfillment of the duties of the Administration before the user, right holder and the public.
8.4 By publishing any information in any publicly available section of this website, which does not contain the User’s personal data, the User hereby consents that his/her personal data be processed in any manner, which is stipulated by the RA applicable legislation, including but not limited to collection, registration, systematization, accumulation, maintenance, specification (update, modification), retrieval, use, transfer (distribution, granting, access), unmasking, blocking, removal, destruction of the personal data by the Administration. In addition, the User is aware that regardless of the will of the Administration, the above information may in the future be distributed by other users of the website, search systems, automated information collection and other systems.
8.5 The Administration reserves the right to require data about the User for the purpose of specification of the data provided by the User.
8.6 The Administration applies all the possible means, but does not guarantee the protection of the User’s personal data from illegal use by third parties.

9. Consent to advertisement

9.1 The User consents to the receipt of advertising messages, letters and other notices.
9.2 The User may refuse to accept the advertising messages and letters by giving a written notice to the Administration thereof.

10. Processing of personal information using cookies

10.1. The cookies transmitted by the HELP service to User devices and the HELP User devices can be used for providing personalized Services to the User and improving the HELP Services.
10.2. The user  acknowledges that the device and software used to visit sites on the Internet may have the function of not allowing operations with cookies (for any sites or for some sites), as well as removing previously received cookies.
10.3. HELP has the right to establish that the provision of a certain Service is possible only on condition that cookies are accepted and received by the User.
10.4. The structure of the cookie, its content and technical parameters are determined by HELP and may be changed without prior notice to the User.

11. Concluding provisions

11.1 Invalidation of any section, paragraph, provision of this Agreement by the court shall not lead to the invalidation of the remaining sections of this Agreement.
11.2 All disputes arising between the parties shall be settled through negotiations or in a judicial procedure.
11.3 This agreement is in the Armenian language and if there is any discrepancy between the Armenian version and translations into Russian and English, the Armenian version shall prevail.