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№ 127 from 863 - رستوران ها - ایروان
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الحاق عکس
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    Nelly Khachatryan

    Best ice cream in the town

    It’s super busy gelateria in the center of the town . though sometimes you have to wait a bit to get what you want but the wait is worth the final result- their icecreams are addictive - pistacho and cinnamon flavors are my all-time favorites recenty they added mulberry -heavenly. Other desserts are as decent and yummy. The staff is always friendly and so creative every time we are in Sorriso i know i am in for a dose of good mood - nicely scribbled coffee-try made my day the last time i was there1523655468335_cbec0d709ea81682813b6ed013339f61.jpeg

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    Gor Hakobyan 1 دیدگاه را پسندیده اند

    В баре есть парочка неплохих коктейлей. Как нибудь вернусь сюда еще раз. Стоит побывать для разнообразия.

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